Clinic Tour

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Check out the smiling faces of two of our receptionists, Sarah and Katie. They'll be happy to help you book your next appointment. 

Waiting Area

Our waiting area benches allows for maximum space and comfort while you wait for your pet's appointment. Help yourself to a free beverage or grab a magazine to read while you wait!

Avian and Exotic Intensive Care Suite

Our avian and exotic intensive care suite is an area completely segregated from our boarding area. It was designed to provide the ultimate care for ill and injured patients and features supplemental humidity and heat at approximately 80 degrees as well as clear Lexan divider to prevent cross-contamination of illnesses while still providing visibility for our patients. 

Kennel Room

Our kennel room is used for hospitalized patients and has 23 cages for small to medium sized animals as well as 3 runs for larger dogs.  

Bathing Tub

Our centralized exam table/wash tub allows our staff to rapidly examine and treat patients from multiple angles.

Digital Xray

Our digital x-ray system allows for prompt viewing of x-ray images on screen for diagnosis. Our x-ray table accommodates a range of species from birds and small mammals to large dogs.

Exam Room

Our veterinarians utilize our 4 examination rooms for all of your pets to shorten your time spent in the waiting room. 

Bird Food, Treats, and Supplies

This is just a small sampling of the bird food, treats, and supplies that we carry. All of the products that we offer are recommended by our veterinarians who specialize in avian medicine and nutrition. 

Small Mammal Products

We stock a wide variety of small mammal products including oxbow hays and bedding, food, and treats for your guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and more. 

Reptile Products

Our veterinarians would be happy to recommend appropriate heat and lighting products and supplements for your reptiles. We carry an array of items to meet your specific needs. 

Bird Toy Displays

We have several bird toy displays that are constantly restocked with new items to keep your feathered friends busy. Stop in to check out what we have to offer for birds of all sizes!

Avian Boarding

Our avian boarding area allows us to care for your birds while you are away. We can accommodate birds of all sizes and species. Our smaller cages are separated by removable, clear Lexan dividers so that your birds can make new friends without sharing their leftovers!

Boarding Area

This is one of our several aisles of of cages in our boarding area. Your birds will be able to view and chat with other birds while our staff feeds and cares for them. Call us today (860) 828-7736 for more information about our boarding rates. 

Isolation Kennel

Our isolation cages are used for sick animals to contain the spread of illnesses. 


Our new backup generator allows us to keep our animals and staff warm regardless of the weather. Have no fear when bad weather appears, we're staying warm 24/7, especially during power outages to keep your furred, feathered, and scaled family members warm.